Updates & Changes Packages

If you have not chosen to take advantage of the all-inclusive monthly subscription options but need us to carry out on-going updates to your website, or make any functionality changes we are happy to do so.  In order to streamline this service we offer a number of pre-purchase time packs depending on your requirements.  Most changes can be carried out very quickly and any time spent is logged against the block of time you have purchased. Time is logged in 15 minute increments and there is no time limit on usage, any time balance on your account will always be available.

You can request an updates & changes account statement at anytime, but we will let you know when your account has less than 1 hour remaining so you are able to top it up as necessary with the most appropriate time pack.

Please select a time pack from the options below.

3 HOURS – £60/hr


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6 HOURS – £50/hr


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12 HOURS – £45/hr


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24 HOURS – £40/hr


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