website on-going costs


A website is not just for Christmas, there are annually renewable costs for hosting, domain name renewals, ssl certificates, as well as site security and framework maintenance, support and any updates and changes you may require us to carry out.

Detailed below are the costs associated with each of these on-going costs.

Prices assume client supplies web ready copy and high resolution royalty paid images, where required. Most of the individual items listed below are included if you opt for the monthly payment options on the cost guide page.


Basic hosting, including a SSL certificate – £120 per year

Cheap, but occasionaly slow. No good for e-commerce sites.

Provides 99% uptime, on a shared hosting server and includes a basic SSL certificate. Expected performance grade C/D with average page loads times around 5 seconds.

The cost can be reduced (by £60) if an SSL certificate is not required but this is not recommended. We are happy to explain in more detail for those that want to understand better the implications of not using SSL.

Standard fast hosting, including an SSL certificate – £240 per year

Mid priced and fast. Required as a minimum for e-commerce sites.

Provides 99.50% uptime, on a shared hosting server and includes a basic SSL certificate. Expected performance grade B/C with average page loads times around 2-3 seconds. Significantly faster than the basic hosting.

Premium fast hosting, including an SSL certificate – £420 per year

Not cheap, but super fast. Required for WordPress Multi-site installations.

Provides 99.9% uptime, on a shared hosting server with SSD storage, includes a mid level SSL certificate. Expected performance grade A/B with average page loads times around 1-2 seconds.

Email Provision / Mailboxes

Our standard and premium hosting provide an unlimited number of mailboxes for email accounts using your domain. However, our services are limited to creating the mailboxes and providing the required login/configuration information. We do not provide any support related to email / mailboxes.

Domain Names

Domain name registrations / renewals are typically renewed annually at £17.50 for a .com and £12.50 for a domain. Other domain extension prices may vary.

Website Security Maintenance Fees

Monthly Security Maintenance – £10 per month, billed annually

Maintenance is optional but the basic program recommended covers essential software security updates to the core WordPress platform, together with any plugins installed and is designed to minimise the risk of site downtime due to a malicious attack. The fee covers regular updates to the core WordPress files, which typically include security fixes, plugin updates and system improvements. It is vital that these software updates are applied as released. Figures quotes are for single sites, in the case of WordPress Multi Sites add 50% of the maintenance fee per additional site.

Site Updates & Changes

The security maintenance does not cover content or image changes that might be required, any new section development or additional features. To make it easier for the client to budget and for us to schedule this work we offer update and changes packages.

How it Works

The client selects a package that suits the anticipated requirements based on how many updates and changes may be required over the coming months. (the more hours purchased in advance, the better the rate) – This buys the client a number of priority hours which are credited to the clients’s account. As the work is carried out based on the change requests submitted, the time spent will be logged against the hours purchased. Minor changes will normally be actioned within 24 business hours. Larger pieces of work will be scheduled according to the requirement and developer time available – in most cases would be completed within 48 – 72 business hours. Time is logged in 15 minute increments. When 65% – 75% of hours in credit are used the client will be notified. The client can request a statement at any time which will show the work carried out and the time taken.

More details and links to purchase these packs can be found by following this link

WordPress Development / User Training

We can provide full training to end users wishing to take control of their own websites, teaching them how to maintain existing or create new content.

Through our sister company ( we also provide intensive training geared towards graphic designers wishing to take their traditional design skills and learn how to build beautiful websites.

From £55 / hr